Men's Ministry

The ultimate goal is to challenge men to become the spiritual leaders God intended them to be. First to themselves.  Then, a natural flow in life’s order will follow: a husband, a father, an employer, an employee, a supporter of a local church, and a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Church of the Cross Men’s Ministries has moved from the more traditional approach of organized revolving meetings to the challenge of men reaching out to each other within our local church.   Whether it is gathering in the café before church, meeting with each other for breakfast at Sue’s Country Kitchen or a cup of coffee (Diet DrPepper for Pastor Ken) from McDonalds, we encourage men to reach out the hand of fellowship.

Visit for devotionals and material specifically to encourage men.

Light for the Lost

LFTL is dedicated to sharing the message of Christ globally and is resourced by congregations from all walks of life. Through the generous giving of churches, individuals, and businesses, LFTL is assisting missionaries and missions projects around the world with evangelistic resources such as audio, visual and printed materials to share the message of hope.



This team of men provides a level of security as we worship.  Their presence at the doors and the patrol over the grounds during our services promote a safe environment not only for the adults as we worship but also for the children located in other parts of the building. This team is also responsible for collecting the tithes and offerings at each service.