Sunday School

Our Sunday School time provides spiritual growth and the opportunity to be a part of a small group. We all approach Scripture from a unique point of view, but as the Word is taught in a close-knit environment collaboration allows for more to be revealed. The process of study, interpreting, and applying the Word becomes real as the Holy Spirit makes the Word come alive! You simply cannot know everyone beyond a certain point. With that in mind, small groups deliver deeper friendships that double as accountability. When people know you, your life becomes far more transparent. In that transparency relationships develop and others will have the opportunity to encourage you as you deal with real life difficulties.


Adult classes

Sanctuary class

Jay Valentine

-Meets in the Fellowship Hall


Living waters

Bonita Hearne

-Meets in the Overflow Rooms


tnt (Seniors: Tried-n- True)

Bill Grumble

A traditional Sunday School class utilizing the Assemblies of God quarterly material.

-Meets in the Conference Room



Ken & Denise Richmond

This class is a lively group of single and married adults of all ages. Studies are focused on Biblical applications to life’s difficulties.

-Meets in Room 1


berean bible class // global university

Rev. Micheal Erlund

-Meets in Student Life Break Room


family matters

Doyle Dempsey


Family, matters! So goes the family, so goes the church and a nation. God created the family, and He desires it to be holy, healthy and loving. Join other adults of all ages in the Family Matters Sunday school class as we discover God's biblical perspective on living this life as preparation for the next.

-Meets in Room 5



Pre-teen class // 5th & 6th grade

Annie Cole

-Meets in Room 2



7th & 8th grade class

Pastor Trae Bordelon

-Meets in Pastor Chad Rhodes' Office


high school

Jason & Jana Henry

-Meets in Room 6


young adults

Brett & Leigh Chamberlain

-Meets in the Student Life Offices


nursery // 6 weeks to 3 years old

Brayden Manuel

-Nursery Building


4 year olds & kindergarten

Mackenzie Mason

-Meets in the Chapel


primary class // first & second graders

Mary Knight

-Meets in the Chapel


middler class // third & fourth graders

Cheryl Medlin

-Meets in the Chapel


surge // Senior adults

F.C. Chamberlain

-Meets in the Prayer Room